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New products are put into operation one after another, GB products serve new and old customers. Good pipe, mid Lu!

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Siphon drain pipe

Shandong Zhonglu Pipe Co., Ltd. has a registered trademark of "Zhonglu". The products conform to GB/T13663-2000. The main products include_20mm~_800mm HDPE water supply pipe, pipe fittings, HDPE siphon same layer drainage pipe, pipe fittings, HDPE double wall corrugated drainage pipe, HDPE ground source heat pump pipe, pipe fittings, HDPE gas pipe, HDPE ore. Pipe, PE-RT ground heating pipe, PP-R cold and hot water pipe, pipe fittings, PP chemical enterprise special pipe, HDPE, MPP high-voltage power cable sleeve material, PVC-U water supply pipe, water pipeline, etc.

This year, according to market changes, Lu actively develop new products, and can customize products according to customer requirements, market development, project bidding projects one by one to implement the start, Internet marketing keeps pace, so that our customers do not worry, rest assured, comfortable. Do quality products, do Brand Company!

Shandong Zhonglu Pipe Co., Ltd. specializes in PE water supply pipe PVC-U water supply pipe HDPE gas pipe PPR cold water pipe siphon drain pipe MPP power pipe and other technologies Support: Wan Wan Technology

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