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Geothermal tube

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Geothermal tube

Geothermal tube
Geothermal tube

Geothermal tube
Ground heating pipe refers to a kind of pipe used as circulating carrier of low-temperature hot water in ground radiant heating system.

Pipe material characteristics
1. light weight, easy to transport, installation and construction.
2. With good flexibility, it is convenient and economical to lay the pipes. The pipes can be rolled and bent to reduce the use of pipes and reduce the construction cost.
3. When pipe bending, the stress in the bending part can be relaxed quickly, and there will be no "rebound" phenomenon, which is convenient for construction operation.
4. the friction loss in the tube is small, and the conveying capacity of the pipe is 30% larger than that of the metal tube with the same diameter.
5. brittleness temperature is low. Pipes have superior low temperature resistance, so they can be constructed at low temperatures in winter, and the pipe does not need to be preheated when bending.
6. good chemical resistance, no rust and long service life.
7. good environmental adaptability.
8. it can be safely used for more than 50 years at the working temperature of 70 degrees centigrade and the pressure of 0.4MPa.
9. no toxic additives are added to the pipes during production. The inner wall is smooth without scaling and does not breed bacteria. It can be safely applied to drinking water transportation and other fields.
10. the impact resistance is 5 times that of PVC-U pipe.
11. good heat and pressure resistance.
12. can be hot melt connection and mechanical connection, reliable, no leakage. PE-X can only be mechanically connected.
13. green products can be recycled.
14. high temperature resistance, and can be used for 50 years under suitable pressure conditions.
15. low temperature and frost resistance, excellent impact resistance, suitable for winter construction.
16. good chemical corrosion resistance and long service life.
17. it is non-toxic, tasteless and hygienic.
18. light weight, good flexibility, can be supplied by coil.
19. hot melt materials can be recycled with environmental benefits.

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